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Thomas Szigeti

Is there any way to hide zeros in pivot table?

Sometimes we need to hide zeroes. Below you can find how to do it in a pinch.

Hey all.

This will be a quick post about a simple issue I had once.

You know how when you make a pivot table, it is not as simple to hide zeros in there as it is with a normal range.

My issue was that the pivot table displayed zeros, but I couldn’t just remove them with an IF formula.
Pivot tables do not allow custom formulas unless they are calculated fields.

The solution is to apply a custom number format to the pivot table.

Just highlight the pivot table, then hit CTRL+1 to bring up the Format cells window.
This will allow us to use a custom format for the pivot table cells.

You can copy this piece of syntax and paste it in the format cells window where it says “General”
Bring up the Format Cells window in your workbook by pressing Ctrl+1


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