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Thomas Szigeti

Text Wrap in Excel

When I was new to excel I had a bit of trouble understanding how excel was handling text in a cell.
In this short post I will explain the Wrap text function to you.

In excel if you type a long-long text in a cell it will try to extend over on the right. 

This if there is no data in the cells on the right. If there is data in there then Excel will simply cut off the display of your text at the border of the cell you are in. 

You can always make the whole column wider so your text will show, or you can just double click the side of the colum to use the column autofit feature.

What to do if I have too many columns and I can’t make them wider?

You can use the Wrap text feature.

This feature lives on the ribbon in the Alignment Group on the Home tab.

Wrap text button on excel ribbon

Simply select the cell you want to wrap the text in, and press the button.

Be aware that if you hawe multiple cells selected, and one has the wrapped text, the other one doesn’t then the wrap text button will look solid. This is to show you that you have multiple settings in your selection.

Also worth mention that this feature will look at your column width. If the column is wide enough to contain your text in the cell, then you can press the wrap text button all day long, nothing will happen.
So first you need to narrow your column so your text is overhanging or cut off. Then apply Wrap text from the ribbon.


I will show you in this short video.
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