MS Excel as a career?

If you want to have an honest opinion on MS Excel – this wonderful tool. Grab a coffee and read my story. This might come to you as an inspiration, or hopefully a healthy boost to dig your heels in and leran excel with us.

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This will be a bit of a different post as I want to share my biggest revelation with you.
When I started my life as an excel user building a lot of different excel spreadsheet in a scary office, I quickly realised that I have to swim or sink.
The struggle was real.
Excel is such a huge machine that can chew you up and spit you out.
The learning takes ages, (at least this is how I felt).
For every piece of information of know-how I had to work very hard.

The main thing I want you to take away from this post

You will have to learn to handle the building blocks of your formulas as individual entities.
If you like think of an excel formula as built with imaginary building blocks.

So the Building block that represent the value 6 don’t have to be there. Instead we can describe the number 6 as another formula!
My biggest improvement was in my excel journey when I came to realise this.
After this “revelation” I was more and more experimentative. I wasn’t afraid of churning out more and more difficult formulas.

Don’t be afraid and treat your formula “building blocks” as individual values that you can express in many ways.
Unfortunately, if you want to be good at excel there is no magic bullet. There is no book that will describe you how to be good.
You will have to crawl forums, watch tutorials, and generally look out for good practices.
I have a whole folder with many simple txt files that I keep as references.

Why Excel is an amazing choice to further your career?

  1. If you good at excel you will be able to do your work with ease and in a LOT less time
  2. Every business has at least one poxy excel table somewhere,
    Even the last bakery, or cornershop will have to have an excel file.
    Most of these¬†businesses don’t know how to properly use excel.
  3. You will be able to get jobs with ease.
    If someone flies through a technical interview, or Aces an excel test the chances going to be very high to get the job
  4. If you really in the deep end you will able to help the business you work for immensely.
    With your custom excel files you will be almost irreplaceable. (Of Course no one is irreplaceable. But they will think twice before make you redundant before the person that do not know excel.)
  5. You can help a LOT of people in important positions.
    For example I scored a well paid job back in Ireland. Just because I solved an excel question for a company’s financial director. He offered me a “technical advisor” position straight away.
  6. As you do little favours at work for others, you will be popular. I know this is not something a lot of people would boast about but when it comes to the “office politics” most of the people that you were able to help will want to be on the better side of you.
    But when time comes and you want to change positions, or move to a better paid title within your organisation
    being known as the excel guru is a very good thing.

So keep on churning out amazing stuff in excel!
With ExcelAngel we will try to help you along the way and we will add/update our articles according to what you need.


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