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How to do square root in VBA?

A lot of you reached out with this question on how to do square root in Excel VBA.
It is a fairly simple formula. Even the VBA syntax is manageable.
Let`s jump in and see what we can do!

To get to square root of a number in an Excel formula

We need to use the SQR function.
It can be found on the ribbon under the formulas tab.
You can find it in the Math/Trig formulas.

Syntax of the SQR function

For a formula you can use this syntax

The number you want to get the square root of must be positive.
If you put a negative number within the brackets it will throw an error.

Luckiy we can use the ABS formula to correct this. If you put =ABS(SQR(number)) then the possible negative number will get converted into the absolute value which will be positive.

Sub test

Dim myResult As Double

    myResult = Sqr(300)

    Msgbox myResult

End Sub

Syntax for VBA

The syntax for VBA is pretty much the same as for the formula.

In the VBA editor you can put:

The result will be: 33

You can see the proper use within a Subroutine on the left.

In this example  the Variant myResult will be written out in to a messagebox, and it will contain the result of 100.

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