Did you know you can insert hyperlink to an excel sheet?
Every now and again we need to be able to toggle between sheets, Charts, Places in our document.
Or even further we need the ability to open a sharepoint url from our sheet within our presentation.

For this we can use hyperlinks in excel

What are hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks are pre-made links that the user can get information just by looking at it, then when clicked on it will take you to a predefined place. Via an address that is predefined within the hyperlink.

What are the parts of a hyperlink?

In excel, hyperlinks are a bit simpler then their HTML counterparts (the ones you can see on the web. Blue text underlined)
In Excel you only have a text to display and an address to go to.
(In Excel VBA there are a few more properties of the hyperlink)

How to make a hyperlink in excel?

The easiest way to create a hyperlink in a cell is to use the shortcut for a hyperlink which is Ctrl+K.
Once you press the combination this window will pop up.

Hyperlink window in excel
Ctrl+K – The hyperlink window in excel

In this window there are two main textbox that we will have to fill in. The one on the top that says Text to display:
This will be the text we want to display on the hyperlink.

The second one is the url itself.

Note: that on the left hand side there a re options of what kind of hyperlink we want to insert.

The default and first option that says Existing File or Web Page expects
-url from a browser. I.e.: www.google.com
-or a path to a file: C:Windowsnotepad.exe

The second option is Place in This Document

Excel hyperlink window Place in this document option
Excel hyperlink window Place in this document option

This option will show us all the sheets in our workbook that we can link to.

Link to a place in an excel document with hyperlinks
Link to a place in an excel document with hyperlinks

The third and fourth options.

The third and fourth option is rarely used, but I will explain how they work.

The third option Create New Document will open a new excel document where you can pick a cell and the option will create a link reference to it.
The fourth option E-mail Address will launch a new mail in outlook pre-filled with the information you put in here.
To:, Subject,etc… Since Office includes author it is rarely used. In the old days we used it to be able to send a mail to the author of an excel file.

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