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Thomas Szigeti

How to unhide rows in excel?

If I would have a dollar for every time I was looking for “missing” rows in a workbook I would be a rich Analyst. laughing

You know the situation…
There are a few hidden rows, that you need to unhide.
How to do it?
Grab a coffee and in 5 minutes we will show you the works!


The shortcuts for hiding unhiding rows:

Ctrl+Shift+9              to UNHIDE ROWS
Ctrl+9                         to HIDE ROWS

How do I know that there are hidden rows?

It is simple. You just have to look at the row numbers. If something missing you have hidden rows.
Also not to confuse hidden rows with filtered rows. If there are rows hidden by a filter the row numbers affected will be in blue.

Here is the difference:


Hidden rows in excel
Filtered rows in excel

I personally don’t use shorcuts. I prefer the Right Click-Unhide command. 

It is important that when you unhide rows you need to highlight the rows above and below the hidden rows. 

What to do when the first row is hidden?

You need to select from row 2 and drag upwards. 

Alternatively you can click the small triangle in the corner of the worsheet. This will select every row.
Then Right click and Unhide. 

To hide rows you can select multiple rows at the same time by holding down Ctrl then click the rows you will want to hide.
As shown in the video below 

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