When I first started my life in the excel world this was one of my biggest problem.

I needed to copy something from a column (Vertically), and I wanted it pasting in a row. (Horizontally)
Jeeeys… It was annoying.
I was like this:

Transpose in excel
Copy in Excel from Horizontal to Vertical – The Wrong way

I was Baffled.
Literally, I said the words out loud: -“I wish there was a way to do this automatically, there is no way the MS Excel developers didn’t thought of this.”

And there IS a solution!
Rather simple if someone shows it to you. It came as a revelation for me.

When you copy something, you press Ctrl+C.

But when you paste it in, you not just Paste it with Ctrl+V (Normal Paste)
you want to use Paste Special

The Paste Special menu has some very neat options in the form of radio buttons and check boxes.
There is an option for Transpose.
Checking this option will transpose whatever you copied. If you dragged a vertical array excel can transpose it for you to Horizontal and vica versa.

Special Paste and Transpose in excel
Copy in Excel from Vertical to Horizontal – With Paste Special Transpose

This is a very handy thing to know as I spent ages trying to copy and paste my list from vertical to horizontal for so long time.
With this handy tip you should be able to breeze through those tricky copying.

What you can see in the video is that I used my quick access toolbar shortcuts
After Copy (Ctrl+C)
Key Combination ofAlt+2, Alt+E
The first Alt+2 (will bring up the Special Paste window)
The second combo of Alt+E (will check the Transpose option)

This is essentially an excel copy paste vertical to horizontal problem

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