Written by:

Written by:

Thomas Szigeti

For years

I didn’t know this trick… 
So my go to method was to insert en empty column, then move my column there then delete the space I left behind.

This was wrong! laughing

Below you will see how simple is to move a column in excel and put it in between columns.


The trick is simple.

We have to use Shift as a modifier.

So simple right..
So we have to select the column we want to move. Then hold down the Shift key and move the column with the mouse.
(Go to the edge of the selection to change the mouse cursor to the small arrows.)

You will notice that as you drag the column the place where you are will indicate where the column will be placed.


But enough talking Let me show it to you.

Move columns in excel

This trick is as simple as it gets.
What it goes to show is that even if you are working in excel for donkeys years it’s worth to play with the main modifier keys if you think that something as simple like move columns in excel can be done somehow better, and easier.


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