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Thomas Szigeti

In Excel we can place check boxes…

They are very good for our user experience, since the user can use a checkbox to select or deselect things.
Let’s get to it!

To be able to insert check boxes in our worksheet we need to get access to the Developer tab on the ribbon. 

As we discussed it in on of our earlier post this is hidden by default in the application.

If you don’t have the Developer tab active on your ribbon, then jump to this post where we quickly show you how to enable it.


How to insert check box in excel

You need to go to the Developer tab and from the Insert section select a checkbox.
(Note: There is two checkbox icons, we need to use the top one from the Form Controls section!)

After you clicked the checkbox your cursor will change to a crosshair, and you ready to put your check boxon the worksheet.

Click anywhere on your worksheet. This will insert a check box.


Insert check box to excel worksheet

We have our check box on our worksheet
but it is not linked to anything yet!
In other words we need to link the check box to a cell.


How this works?:

It will link the check box to a cell, and when we click the check box the cell’s value will change to TRUE, flick the check box again and it will turn it to FALSE

How we link the check box?

You need to right click on the checkbox and go to the bottom where it says Format Control…


Check box form controls
Check box settings window

This will take you to the check box’s properties. 

Dig around with the settings, you can’t make too much trouble here. (Worst case if you messed the settings up that you delete the check box and create another one!)

For linking your check box you need to head to the Control tab and Click in to the cell link box. This will allow you to click out of this window and on your worksheet click on a cell you want to link. (Note: that you can by all means enter the cell’s address by hand as well.)

The Value above this box has three options, play with this,. It refers to the check box’s default value when the workbook is loaded up.

Click O.K. and you are done.

 Now if you click your check box you will see the linked cell change.

How can I practically use this?


Definately with an IF formula.
Imagine if you can change your formulas outcome with this check box. 

Somewhere along these lines:…
IF “check box linked cell” is TRUE do this, Otherwise do that.

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