Sometimes it would be handy to have a dropdown list in excel.

Why on earth we would need this?

When you write a formula to reference a piece of text. But your formula will only pick up the text IF your user type the text exactly as you referenced it in the formula.
That’s exactly when you would use a dropdown list in a cell.

How to create a dropdown list inside of a cell in excel?

To create the dropdown list you can select a cell, then head over to the Data tab on the ribbon and open down Data Validation, and select Data Validation.

You will be presented with a small window where you can choose a few things:

In the Allow box you want to select List.
(Basically we telling excel that in this cell in our workbook we only want to allow data that is coming from a pre-defined list. Select that.

The important thing is to have “In-cell dropdown” checked.
Once you have that you can define your list.
To manually enter a list:
You can just type it in, separate it with a comma.

To select an array of cells from your workbook:
You can click in to source then highlight cells that contain your list in your workbook.

To use a pre-defined named range (Not in the video below):
Click in to the source box then hit F3. This will bring up a small window with your named ranges where you can select the one you want to use as your list. This way you can make an excel dropdown list from named range.

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