Written by:

Written by:

Thomas Szigeti

I had a lot of you asking for a quick tutorial on how to calculate percentages in excel.

Here we will discuss the different percentage calculations which can all be done with Basic formulas in Excel.

Let’s get straight in to it!

In mathematical terms

Percentage is a definition of a fraction of what part of a 100 is a number is. It is coming from the latin term “per centum” which literally translates to “by a hundred”So all we need to do is literally divide by 100.

Let’s say we want to express 69% of 100.
Our equation would be 69/100. That will equal to 0.69 or 69%

If you want to express the 69% of 75 then our equation would be 69/75. That is equal 0.92 or 92%.

Percent of total in Excel

Let’s do the above calculation in Excel.

We want to find out how many percent 69 out of 75.

Doughnut percentage

Increase by a certain percent

Decrease by a certain percent 

Percentage change

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