Hi all.
I want to share you a very quick post that was a bit of an annoyance to figure out when I was learning excel.

Did you ever received a file where some of the columns or rows just weren’t moving when you were scrolling them? Or maybe it moved, but it was frozen at the wrong place?

Here is how to user the Freeze Pane tool in Excel.

The Freeze pane tool lives in the Ribbon on the View tab.

The Freeze Panes tool on the ribbon

What does it do?

Say have a large dataset with headers (something in the top row) or something in the first column. As soon as you start scrolling down or to the right you will loose sight of the headers or the titles in the first column.

The Freeze Pane tool is here to help with this.

The Freeze Pane tool has three different options:

  • Freeze Panes
  • Freeze Top Row
  • Freeze First Column

I will talk about the Freeze Top Row and Freeze First Column first.
They are self explanatory. They don’t need much explanations.
They do what it says on the tin.
– Click Freeze Top Row and the top row freezes.
– Click Freeze First Column and the first column freezes.
Both can’t be active at the same time.
If you start scrolling on your sheet with one of these options active the sheet will scroll under the frozen top row or first column.

Note: That if you use any of these two options, the top option – Freeze Panes will change to Unfreeze Panes – This is where they can be turned off.

Now to the First option: Freeze Panes

Sometimes you will need to freeze more than just the Top Row or the First Column.
Maybe your data that you want to show is not starting neatly in the A1 cell.

In this instances you want to select the cell that you want to freeze at, then use the first –
Freeze Panes option

You will find that the point of freezing is the top left corner of the cell you selected.
Everything at scrolling will slide in underneath of that cell’s corner.

How to turn it off?

Simply hit the first option again which is now changed to Unfreeze Panes

In the video below I will show you all three options

The Freeze Panes
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