How can I merge cells in excel?

Excel is a spreadsheet editor. We can make very nice tables with it, that contain rows and columns.
But sometime we need to break the table’s net like structure, where we need to pull together multiple cells into one cell.

Are there any rules for merging cells?

Not really.
The only thing you need to be aware that if you merge a group of cells, the cell value of the merged cell will be the value that was in the top left corner of your group.

If it is a single row, than the leftmost cell’s value will be in the newly merged cells.

Where is the merge button?

The button you need can be found on the ribbon in the Home->Alignment section.

Excel ribbon merge button
Merge button on the ribbon in Excel

OK. so how to do this?

Excel merge
Excel merge

You just need to highlight all the cells you want to merge and hit the merge and center button.
Note: That this will center align the content of your merged cell.

To unmerge cells, click on the merged cell and hit the button again.

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