Sometimes we need to hide or use errors in excel. For this we can use the IFERROR formula.

What is the IFERROR formula mostly used for?

If I want to be brutally honest, it is mostly used for hiding mess in your worksheet.
Basically if you have a formula that returns you errors in some instances you can use IFERROR to hide your errors.

In the gif below you can see a basic error. We will try to multiply column A with Column B. On row 3 one of the value is not a value but a text string. so the multiplication will evaluate to an error.
The best way to deal with error is to fabricate your initial formula, then “wrap it” in an IFERROR formula.

But be careful! The IFERROR formula is very handy when you have to present a report or a workbook, so your workbook is not riddled with errors, BUT the IFERROR formula can be a pain in the ass if you try to fix your formulas for errors.

Excel IFERROR formula used to catch error
“Wrapping” an error in an IFERROR formula in excel

What does the IFERROR formula needs?

In terms of input for the formula to work the IFERROR is very simple.
It only needs an evaluation (a formula itself) that might throw an error.

=IFERROR(A2*B2,””) -The formula we need to “wrap” in case of an error
=IFERROR(A2*B2,“”) -The return in case of an error (In our case it is a double quote)

What can be the value the formula gives if it founds an error?

As you can see for the simple housekeeping, and cleaning we only given the formula the “”.
This is commonly used if you just want to clear a cell in case of an error.
Be creative!
In the value if error part of the formula you can put anything!

  • A VALUE (1,2,3,)
  • Some TEXT (“NOT EXIST”, “ERROR”, “OK”)
  • Another formula

Sometimes people mistype the IFERROR and use iferor. Unfortunately this will not work in your formula bar.

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