One of the tasks I have been asked very early in my excel job is to calculate or count workdays between dates.

Should be easy right?
So let’s take a look at a date in excel.
Dates in excel are strange things. When you copy them as values they come up as numbers.

That is actually very handy because if you want to add or remove a day from a date you can just add or subtract one.

What about the weekends? What if I only need to count workdays?

You can use the NETWORKDAYS formula!

What does the NETWORKDAYS formula do?

It gives you the number of workdays between two dates.

What does the NETWORDAYS formula need?


The formula only need two things to function.
-A Start Date
-An End Date
As an option we can add holidays even as an array.

That is very handy. If you have a settings sheet where you have your non working days collected in an array you can have the NETWORKDAYS formula to count with those days.

Excel Networdays formula in action
Excel networkdays formula

Here above an example, how you can use the formula. With or without the holidays option.

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