There are a number of times when your boss will ask you to count.
Count how many workers in a department, or to Count how many entries in a data set.

And this is easier than you think.
Excel has two handy formula for us.

What is the difference between COUNT and COUNTA?

The main difference:
COUNT will only count the number of cells contain a numeric value.
While COUNTA will count us any cells that are not empty.

When we using these two formulas?

Mainly I use them when I receive a set of data from our HR department with let’s say all of our workers, And I have to find out the number of people on the list.

COUNT and COUNTA formulas in Excel

PRO TIP – How to avoid using formulas?

Maybe you noticed on the very bottom of the Excel window there is a Status bar.
This changes sometimes, depending on the context of what is selected, what is processing.

Now. On the bottom right of this Status bar you will see some numbers.
You may see some, you may see a lot. Like this:

Excel Status Bar at the bottom of Excel window

Here Excel automatically gives you information on the selected cells.
With a right click on this Status Bar you can bring up a context menu and you can choose what do you want to see on here.
This means that simply you can select the array that you want to know how many elements are in there.
Similarly you will find a lot more functions most of them worth to be on, they can provide you with a lot of useful info.

How to turn on count in the excel Status bar
Excel Status Bar right click context menu

This can do your counting for you whether your selection is a continuous range (Just hold and drag) or multiple of single cells selected (with Ctrl held down)

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