We all know and love the banded rows in Excel tables, Is it possible to replicate this?

When we deal with conditional formatting all we need to get to is TRUE or FALSE.

For the banded column we need to write a formula that display TRUE in one of the rows, and FALSE in the next one.

We can use the Row number for this exercise after all each row carries one information and that is the row number. The row number can be Even or Odd.
Excel does have a formula for just this. It is almost like a question.

The ISEVEN formula returns TRUE or FALSE .
The formula we need to use is =ISEVEN(Row()) in to cell A1.
Certainly you can also use the ISODD formula

This will return FALSE in A1 and if we drag the formula we will see that in the even row numbers this returns TRUE.

All we need to do is to put this formula in to a conditional formatting like this:

Banded rows in Excel
Banded Rows in Excel with Conditional Formatting

You need to write the formula first to the starting cell
(where you want to drag your conditional formatting from)

Then copy the formula from the formula bar to the formatting formula tab.

In this instance we only colored it to boring yellow, but you can be real creative with your formatting of your banded rows.

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